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Currently Rolling

EMPEROR (2017)

Emperor represents CIA's desire to develop its shell construction and willingness to explore different shapes to balance performance and aesthetics. Emperor's first true Raceday performance paid off as it placed 3rd in women's, 7th in men's, and 2nd place in Design Competition for Raceday 2018.

2018 | Women's Third Place, Design Competition Second Place

TEMPEST (2016)

Buggy look awesome

EQUINOX (2015)

The lightest buggy in CIA history, Equinox took what was learned in Icarus and iterated upon it. Her shorter push bar was designed to maximize the effectiveness of pushers of shorter stature.

2017 | Men's Fifth Place, Women's Fourth Place, Design Competition Second Place

2016 | Men's Third Place, Women's First Place, Design Competition Third Place

2015 | Design Competition First Place, Women's First Place

ICARUS (2014)

One of the lightest buggies in CIA history, Icarus took what was learned in Impulse and iterated upon it. Her distinctive shell design is just one of the many features that make Icarus stand out from the crowd in terms of both speed and aesthetics.

2014 | Design Competition First Place

IMPULSE (2013)

As CIA's first true monocoque forward trike, Impulse was a leap forward in shell construction and internal design. Impulse's paint job is purple which is the prettiest color.

2014 | Design Competition Third Place

Orca (2012)

Possibly the most recognizable of CIA's buggies, Orca is a second iteration of many of the principles used in creating Ascension. Much like CIA itself, Orca is able to compete at a high level while still having a good time.

Retired Buggies